Feature Survey

Feature and Level surveys are required for most types of development that involve design work by an designer, architect, draftsperson or civil engineer.

Our surveys provide all buildings, street features, significant trees, adjoining property details (offsets and window locations). This and other information can be tailored for the specific requirements of your planning application.

An arbitrary bench mark is installed at the front of the property upon which the property contours provided are based.

If the site is located in a 1% Flood Overlay Zone we can provided the levels connected to AHD (Australian Height Datum) which is a mandatory requirement. 

Site Analysis

A Site Analysis in an extension of a standard Feature and Level Survey. As required for particular project designs and developments, site analysis surveys include additional information. This includes the location and description of buildings surrounding the survey property up to a 50 metre radius or as required. Additionally any road reserve features and details are included in our site analysis providing a detailed description of the area subject to the planning application.

A site analysis in usually done in conjunction with a Title Re-Establishment Survey which can to be carried out at the same time.

Internal Building Survey

Certain planning applications for both residential and commercial properties require full internal details of an existing dwelling. Our Internal Building Surveys provide a detailed plan of an existing dwelling, including all rooms, window and door locations and dimensions. As with our other surveys we can tailor your plan to include all of the detail required for your specific application.